I’m Laura Leebove, a Michigan-born, Philadelphia-based copywriter, editor, content marketer, and voracious consumer of media, food, and music.

I started my career as a music journalist and critic, but eventually found that what was once my dream job … wasn’t. That realization was scary! I ultimately figured out I wanted to use my journalism background to help great companies tell their stories.

Since March 2019 I’ve been the senior copywriter for ADP Marketplace, a digital storefront of HR solutions that integrate with ADP to help companies simplify their HR functions. I’m spending most of my time on B2B content that spans marketing and product marketing, UX, partner communications, and sales.

Prior to that I spent two years as a senior copywriter at the tech education company General Assembly, where I dove headfirst into marketing copy, content marketing, and more.

Before pivoting to marketing, I was managing editor at the Brooklyn real estate site Brownstoner, and before that spent five years at the digital music retailer eMusic, the last year of which I was managing editor of the online music publication Wondering Sound (RIP). I also founded a food and music blog Eating the Beats, where I created recipes inspired by music, and co-founded/co-produced a seasonal event series in NYC called Supper Studio, which involved an intimate concert and multi-course meal inspired by the band playing.

I’ve been a regular contributor to Billboard and several now-defunct publications (The Village Voice, AOL’s Spinner.com and VenusZine, among others), have been published in various other outlets including Men’s Journal, The Billfold, Brooklyn Magazine, Brooklyn Based, Under the Radar, Heeb Magazine, and others, and have taken on other content and editing projects for clients including McCann Health, MTV, and others.

You can reach me at laura [dot] leebove [at] gmail [dot] com, and follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. When I’m not on the internet you can find me either in my kitchen and/or eating ice cream.