Editing Clips

Selected features I assigned, edited and/or oversaw as managing editor at Wondering Sound:

How a Kentucky Folk Legend Almost Lost His Son to Religion (Carena Liptak)

The Secret History of the Hidden Track (Madeleine Cummings)

The Dawn of the Musical Selfie: A Mission to Make Music Interactive (Courtney Balestier)

Lisa Loeb Reflects on 20 Years of ‘Stay’ (Ami Armstrong)

Why the Metal Community Is Fighting for Animal Rights (Kim Kelly)

Record Club: Revisiting Blink-182′s ‘Enema of the State’ (Wondering Sound staff)

100 Best Albums of 2014 (Wondering Sound staff)

75 Best Songs of 2014 (Wondering Sound staff)

25 Best Country Albums of 2014 (Wondering Sound staff)

Weird Al Beats Everyone to the Joke (Again) (Maura Johnston)

The Story of Slant 6, Washington D.C.’s Best Little-Known Punk Band (Jason Schreurs)

The Continuing Allure of Kate Bush (Gillian G. Gaar)

Jeff and Spencer Tweedy Bring Dad-Rock Full Circle (David Grossman)

A Secret History of ’80s Iron Maiden in 10 Songs (Brad Sanders)

YOB: Finding Catharsis and Connection Through Metal (Jamie Ludwig)


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